For Over Ten Years Studio 4D has Advanced Real Estate Developers + Designers with its Architectural Visualization Services.

Starting with a strong client base primarily in New York and Washington, DC, our firm has now grown to include clients throughout the United States, from the beaches of Miami to the ski slopes in Colorado.

At Studio 4D, we carefully craft images to tell compelling stories and we believe communication must have a soul to be truly memorable. That's why clarity, palette selection, and composition are the foundation of every decision we make. Our highly professional staff of senior 3D artists, graphic designers, and architects know how to capture an audience's imagination and break through today's visually high-traffic world.

We're proud to say our creative work is not only exceptionally detailed, it's quite simply, unforgettable.

Hilario Canessa

Hilario Canessa

Although he's an architect based in Uruguay, Hilario Canessa has worked on high-profile U.S. projects throughout his career. Early on, he believed that digital visualization and technology were being underused in the design process. In 2006, Hilario started Studio 4D and continuously pushes the intersection between technology and art. An early technology adopter, Hilario foresaw how gaming technology could be applied to the fields of architecture and real estate development.

In addition to his architecture degree, Hilario has an MBA and is an alumni of the U.S. State Department's invitation-only International Visitor Leadership Program. He also has represented the Uruguayan national rugby team between 2000 and 2005, including several international championships. He plays the drums in his rock band, Descarga, and is a huge fan of AC/DC.


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