Studio 4D streams immersive architectural designs at scale with TrackIt and AWS

Eleven Oaks

Architects and community planners long relied on scale models to represent their vision to clients and stakeholders. These true-to-life miniatures offer a view of structures and neighborhoods well suited to in-person walk arounds, but don’t translate well to the digital world. Studio 4D, an architectural visualization firm with clients across the US, realized early that…

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Studio 4D Unreal Engine to Amazon IVS Case Study

House in Bronxville

The Studio 4D team needed a solution to provide a cloud-based virtual walkthrough experience for large audiences (500+) for its interactive demos of architectural environments created and pixel-streamed via Unreal Engine, an advanced real-time 3D creation platform that Studio 4D leverages to build its virtual environments. The pixel-streaming protocol used by Unreal Engine – WebRTC – is…

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