Studio 4D Unreal Engine to Amazon IVS Case Study

The Studio 4D team needed a solution to provide a cloud-based virtual walkthrough experience for large audiences (500+) for its interactive demos of architectural environments created and pixel-streamed via Unreal Engine, an advanced real-time 3D creation platform that Studio 4D leverages to build its virtual environments.

The pixel-streaming protocol used by Unreal Engine – WebRTC – is an excellent choice for interactive sessions, and Studio 4D wanted to see if there was a way to maximize it to benefit the great quantity of observers attending their streaming platform. Studio 4D looked for a solution and reached out to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) sales team searched internally for a partner with the right expertise to implement video workloads, and if possible one with an early understanding of a new streaming solution being introduced, Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS). The media team at AWS recommended TrackIt to the AWS sales team and introductions were made by all parties.

The TrackIt and Studio 4D teams determined that Amazon IVS was indeed the best fit for the requirements as a backend streaming service.